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  • Aubrey anderson emmons headshot 2021
    Aubrey Anderson Emmons
    Acting, Lifestyle

     Aubrey (14) is an Actress, Model, Influencer & TikToker based in Los Angeles. She is well known for her role as “Lily Tucker-Pritchett” for 9 seasons on ABC Network’s Modern Family. Aubrey is the youngest Asian American and youngest person ever to win a SAG award at the age of 4. Her work on Modern Family also earned a Kids Choice Award for Favorite Family TV Show. Aubrey enjoys horseback riding, playing with her rescue dogs and creating content. 

  • Jkrew cilla maddy anthony liam 2022
    JKrew Family
    Gaming, Unboxing, Lifestyle

     JKrew is a fun-loving family channel starring JDad, JMom, Cilla (14), Maddy (11), Anthony (9), & Liam (6). Together they do challenges, DIY, Vlogs, Games and have FUN! JKrew Gaming is where fans can watch and PLAY popular video games with the family like Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, Among Us and more! And the Cilla & Maddy channel features all things tween girl from lifestyle routines to sister pranks to vlogs. The JKrew motto is “always stick together!”

  • Abdallah transparent
    Abdallah Elayan
    Gaming, Host, Influencer

     An award-winning Gaming Influencer with over 900K subscribers on YouTube, Abdallah's channel focuses on family-friendly gaming content such as Walkthroughs for Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Super Mario, and more! He is a brand ambassador for Nintendo and loves to travel. Abdallah is the winner of the 2019 Mario Maker 2 Championship and 2022 PAX East Stream Stars Competition. 

  • Couch sisters photo 2022
    Couch Sisters
    Dance, Lifestyle

    Meet the Couch Sisters Mackenzie (16) and identical twins Katie & Kameron (15). They’re sisters, best friends and really LOVE dancing together! From appearing on Dancing with the Stars Jr., music videos for Artists like Kesha, DJ Snake and JoJo Siwa you never want to miss what these girls are up to. You can expect Day in the Life Vlogs, Hollywood Events, Collabs, Challenges, LOTS of dancing, Q&A’s, Cooking and More!

  • Abigail zoe lewis   headshot
    Abigail Zoe Lewis
    Acting, Music, Lifestyle

     Abigail (14) is a SAG-AFTRA Actress, Singer, Model & Influencer based in Orange County. Abigail is often recognized for her role as Kaylee Ehrmantraut on ‘Better Call Saul’ and voicing “Dallas” on Disney’s, 101 Dalmatians. She can be seen modeling for fashion and makeup brands UDT & Petite ‘n’ Pretty. Abigail has been busy in the studio working on original music set to debut later this year. Her music videos for covers, “Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying” and “If The World Was Ending” are live on her YouTube channel. Abigial is a member of the girl group GLOTIVATION, their first song, 'Rock Your Glo' has nearly 2 million views on YouTube.  

  • Bianca and chiara d'ambrosio twins
    D'Ambrosio Twins: Bianca and Chiara
    Acting, Lifestyle


    The D’Ambrosio Twins - Bianca & Chiara (17), are award-winning Actresses, Influencers, Models, Podcast Hosts and Book Lovers! The twins have starred in The Young and Restless (CBS) as Summer Newman at the age of 3, appeared on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn (Nickelodeon) Parks and Recreation (NBC) and more. They have several films releasing and currently star on yA as Reagan and Frankie Sanders. yA is a spin off of the Emmy winning series The Bay, which both girls have received Emmy recognition for. The twins have partnered with brands CASETiFY, MGA and Bubble. 

  • Braxton ryder sawyer headshot 2022
    Braxton & Ryder Show
    Toys, Unboxing, Gaming, Lifestyle

    Meet Braxton (9), Ryder (6) and Sawyer (4). Braxton and Ryder star on their channel alongside baby bro Sawyer and love to make Monster Truck content. These brothers LOVE all things pretend-play and Monster Trucks! They love riding monster trucks, smashing things and doing cool stunts and pranks. They also have fun filming vlogs and checking out new places and new toys. Braxton and Ryder also love ROBLOX! Their new gaming channel is full of kid friendly Roblox gameplay. 

  • Reese herron 2022 headshot
    Reese Herron
    Acting, Music

     Reese (10) is a singer, actress and musician. She made her musical debut on the film, Next Level’s soundtrack singing “Dance It Off” and single “Let’s Unite” alongside her bestie EllaRose Kaylor. Reese is the Founder & CEO of Reesiedoodle, a hair accessory line designed by Reese. Reese is working on original music with her brother Zach and learning how to play the ukulele. Reese loves to sing, dance and spend time with her family. 

  • Jasmine & bella
    The Mir Family
    Toys, Lifestyle, Challenges, Vlogs

     Jasmine (14) & Bella (7) are the ultimate sister duo that lead The Mir Family Youtube channel. Jasmien and Bella love making videos together! Jasmine, Bella, Mom Maria, Dad Alex and Honey (their golden retriever) make up the Mir Family. Together the family loves to do challenges, Vlogs, Skits and trending TikTok dances. Jasmine and Bella love all things fashion, beauty and toys. Jasmine loves to do GRWM, Fashion and Vlogs on her Jasmine Mir YouTube Channel. The family is based in Miami, Florida and LOVE all things Disney. The girls have partenred with brands such as Disney, L.O.L Surprise, Athleta GIrl and Moose Toys. 

  • Kameron couch headshot 2022
    Kameron Couch
    Dance, Acting, Lifestyle

    Kameron (15) is a Dancer, Model, Actress and Influencer known for her time on Dancing With The Stars. Kameron was a Jr. Pro Dancer on the first season of Dancing With The Stars Jr. Kameron has danced in video musics for today's biggest artists including JoJo Siwa, Ke$ha, DJ Snake and starred in Madilyn Bailey's Diamond Heart music video. Kameron has over 2.7 million followers across her social platforms and has partnered with brands including Sugar & Jade, Abercrombie & Fitch, CASETiFY and Moose Toys. 

  • Katie couch headshot 2022
    Katie Couch
    Dance, Acting, Lifestyle

    Katie (15) is a Dancer, Model, Actress and Influencer who has danced in music videos for today's biggest artists including JoJo Siwa, Ke$ha and DJ Snake. Katie can also be seen modeling with her sisters for accessory brand Summerfield Collection and teen makeup brand Petite 'n' Pretty. 

  • Kenz couch headshot 2022
    Kenz Couch
    Dance, Acting, Lifestyle

    Kenz (16) is big sister to twins Katie and Kameron. Kenz is a Dancer, Model, Actress and Influencer who hs been featured in shows Modern Family and Fresh Off The Boat. Kenz is a member of Girls' Life Bestie Book Club and was featured in DJ Lela B and Nia Sioux's Christmas Time video. You can catch Kenz's vlogs documenting her day-to-day on her YouTube channel. 

  • Bianca d'ambrosio headshot 2022
    Bianca D'Ambrosio
    Acting, Modeling, Host, Lifestyle

    Bianca (17) is an EMMY-Nominated Actress and Producer. Bianca can be seen in the Official 2022 Sundance Film Festival selection, Call Jane set to hit theatres this Fall. Bianca will be attending UC Berkeley in the Fall majoring in Communication and Film Studies. She has partnered with brands Faviana, CASETiFY and Bubble. 

  • Chiara d'ambrosio headshot 2022
    Chiara D'Ambrosio
    Acting, Modeling, Host, Lifestyle

    Chiara (17) is an EMMY-Winning Actress and EMMY-Nominated Producer. Chiara took home the 2021 Daytime EMMY for Best Actress for her work on, The Bay as Regan Sanders. Chiara has several movies debuting this year including, Bandit starring Mel Gibson and High Heat. Chiara will be attending USC in the Fall and has been accepted into their coveted Cinema Studies Program. Chiara has partnered with brands CASETiFY, Bubble and Faviana. 

  • Bella mir headshot 2022
    Bella Mir
    Toys, Unboxing, Model, Lifestyle

    Bella (7) is a Type 1 Diabetic Warrior. She loves making content with her big sis Jasmine and parents for their Mir Family YouTube Channel. Bella LOVES all things Disney and has partnered with several brands including Disney, Moose Toys, MGA, L.O.L Surprise, Athleta Girl and Happy Nation. 

  • Jasmine mir headshot 2022
    Jasmine Mir
    Toys, Model, Unboxing, Lifestyle

    Jasmine (14) loves creating content. She is the ultimate big sister to Bella and togeher the girls love doing challenges, pranks and vlogs on their Mir Family YouTube channel. Jasmine is a BIG fan of all things Disney and has partnered with several brands including Disney, L.O.L. Surprise, CASETiFY, Mermaze Mermaidz, Athleta Girl and Happy Nation. 

  • Cilla & maddy 2022
    Cilia and Maddy
    Gaming, Unboxing, Lifestyle

    Cilla & Maddy of JKrew Family is a channel for just the sisters! Featuring all things tween girl from lifestyle routines to sister pranks to vlogs. The JKrew motto is “always stick together!” 

  • Unnamed 1
    Fabu Rocks

    Fabu Rocks (13) is a Streamer, Gamer and the youngest partner signed with Facebook Gaming. Fabu has been creating content since the age of 7 and became a Twitch affiliate at the age of 8. She uses live streaming as a form of ADHD Behavioral Therapy and loves all things horror games. Fabu has spoken on panels at PAX West speaking to mental health in the gaming community and sharing her experience with ADHD. In addition to gaming, Fabu co-hosts a podcast with her parents delving into the science and FAQ's of ADHD and Behavioral Therapy methods they have created. Fabu is a Brand Ambassador for ROCCAT, Turtle Beach and Neat microphones. 

  • Photo dec 27 2022, 8 18 35 pm (1)
    Ariana Nunez
    Fashion, Modeling, Actress

    Ariana is a Model, Actress and Influencer. You can catch Ariana walking in the House of Baretti fashion show at this at this year's New York Fashion Week. In addition to modeling, Ariana stars in the digital series Dark Echoes and has appeared in numerous print ads and commercials.

  • E89135ee 9ea2 44b3 ba0a af4ba888667b (1)
    Jennifer Kassir AKA Ms. Beanie
    Comedy, Lifestyle, Model

    Jennifer Kassir is an American Lebanese content creator on TikTok and YouTube with 5M+ followers. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and graduated from CSUN. She creates lifestyle and comedy content for her worldwide audience. Jennifer also has her own skincare line LA Bodies which her family manufactures in LA. She’s on a continuous mission to spread positivity and inspiration, especially among the youth, encouraging them to break out of their shell, embrace their true selves, and chasing their dreams!